About Us

What started off as a personal project established in 2018, Show Me Television has evolved into a content distribution and app development company dedicated to bringing our audiences quality experiences across professional publications available worldwide.

We are passionate about pushing the streaming envelope and dedicate ourselves to putting the User first.

This is the streaming revolution. It’s now. Cord cutting was a trend. Now it’s a standard.

Our Offerings

CTV/OTT App Management

With a heavy emphasis on content distribution, we have developed close to 60 apps to date across connected tv.

From content management workflow, streamlining marketing efforts, cutting costs, or automation, we know what it takes to streamline the development setup and maximize content distribution potential.

Don’t Talk About It, Show Me. (TV)

Content Licensing and Distribution

Looking for Distribution outlets? Shopping around Licensing partners? Skip the development process and tell us about your project.

We have opened up doors for Content Creators, Producers, and Distribution Partners alike to showcase their work to in-home audiences across a professional suite of Connected TV publications on a worldwide stage. While constantly in development, we work hand in hand with our providers to optimize our feeds and maximize search potential.

Big or small, we are always looking for new content to offer our audience.


Need a creative produced?

Are you maximizing your User Acquisition efforts?

Where are you targeting your promotional reach?

Looking to promote your project to an engaged, in-home audience?

Need help marketing?

We guide new age publishers into a world that until recently, was nearly impossible to break into. For years this space has been dominated by large brands and industry vets controlling what the audience has available.

With the fast paced streaming and social media space, its now possible to dive in as a small entity and compete against the big guys

AdOps Management

How is your stack looking?

Wondering about Vast macros?

Supply side? Demand side?

Server-side? Client-side?

How about the quickest route from content file to advertising spend?

What are the key components holding it all together?

We have the knowledge to take stress away from creative publishers without the backend know how or extended knowledge. This is very common in the new, rapidly changing streaming and social media space we currently reside.

Meet The Team

Kurt Sather

Kurt Sather

Project Director

CTV/OTT Specialist - Ad Ops - Content Management - Content Programming

Shivani Patel

Shivani Patel

Director of Development

CTV/OTT Development - JSON/XML Management

Andre Boyer

Producer - Actor - Content Specialist

Bret Polansky

Bret Polansky

Founding Advisor

Supply - Demand - Direction